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Data Refinery Flow - Move/Change Steps Order

I have been working hard on Watson Studio lately and notice a few things that could give Data Engineers the ability to be much more faster and productive while refining data sources using Data Refinery feature.

One of the best ways to achieve data refinery mastery is having a good understanding of your data (and it takes time), and implement different steps to refine the data source. However, even if you are a senior-level data engineer, there is always a better way to improve performance and quality of data and you just realize that after investing time and a lot of effort on the data. 

Today we can create multiples steps to refine data, and it can reach 300 steps easily during this process. So, i got stuck a few times thinking of a better way to reduce steps without losing my time or the steps i have implement. 

Thats why i think it would be amazing if we could just change the move steps up/down, or change the order of steps we have implemented without losing all steps implemented. 


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  • Feb 18 2019
  • Needs review
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