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Support WKS subtypes

When uploading a trained WKS model as machine learning enrichment, only entities are detected and indexed, but not subtypes (on WD for CP4D).

Please also consider supporting subtypes in the planned real-time NLP feature.

  • Tristan Hoffmann
  • Apr 2 2020
  • Future Consideration
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a customer I expect WKS models to be fully supported. Especially when using enterprise search, the support of WKS subtypes and their use as filters would be a great benefit for me.
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  • Marcell Streile commented
    7 Apr 09:03am

    In oneWEX we had the entity sub-type information from WKS in the CAS, so we were able to use it with a bit of custom coding.

    Thats also what we need in WD on DP4D, a JSON enrichment result not just with WKS entity type but also with the entity sub-type.

    Same JSON structure as you get when using the WKS entity enrichment in WD on public cloud.

  • YUTAKA MORIYA commented
    7 Apr 04:58am
    We already implemented this mechanism successfully using oneWEX but are currently migrating to WD on CP4D.

    What do you mean "implemented" here?
    Do you use oneWEX function only or do you develop an external program? Could you elaborate it so we can understand the scope of the product function?


  • Tristan Hoffmann commented
    6 Apr 03:13pm

    Thanks for your reply!
    We're using subtypes basically as a classification. For example we have an entity that detects the fund aim, which can be something like "improve energy efficiency", "educate the workforce about first aid" or something like that. Obviously the covered text can only be evaluated by humans, but via subtypes we can already detect which categories of fund aim a certain program falls into (e.g. education, energy efficiency) and use that category to refine search results.

    We already implemented this mechanism successfully using oneWEX but are currently migrating to WD on CP4D.

  • Phil Anderson commented
    6 Apr 02:19pm

    Can you please describe how you use sub-types today, and why types wouldn't work for your use-case?

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