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WDS highlights should honour Advanced Search quotes

During Project Daisey development, we've come across the inconsistency between highlights returned by WDS and the query. 

Even if the WDS Query language query contains a compound term (which project daisey uses very frequently for financial terms that change meaning if used with NLQ which does not honor quotes) highlights highlight single terms. This makes it seem to the user that WDS does not honor the quotes duing WDS query search, even though it does.The real reason is  that  highlights do NOT honor the quotes, therefore the results look wrong.

E.g. If I search query="data capture"

I can get back highlights that emphasize either word alone:


    "text": [
                    "Cognitive tools are used to analyze existing documents, to accelerate <em>data</em> <em>capture</em> and organizing information on application. Existing business and IT value data is leveraged. Knowledge gaps are identified and a plan to close the gaps is prepared and executed • Assess business and IT value • In this step, applications are mapped to business capabilities or processes.",
                    "<em>capture</em> planning MEET IBM GBS Cloud Application Migration Services IBM Confidential 43 Asset work under way Cloud Innovate Thanks ",
                    "Advise on cloud I ensures IBM GBS Cloud Application Migration Services IBM Confidential - - - Microservices nt and Monitoring Secure cloud DevOps Migrate to cloud ions on the Cloud Integrated Cloud Platform Operations • Consistency of experience from IBM ensuring predictable outcomes • Assimilation of best practices & experiences ensuring superior output quality • Standard set of Tools facilitating <em>data</em>",
                    "<em>capture</em>, analysis and reporting • Efficiency that increases speed to value Ø Modernize for cloud Operations Guidelines Rationalize for cloud Cloud InnovateTM Methodology brings the IBM way to address Hybrid Cloud journey Cloud Innovate based on an end -to -end Method for cloud adoption meeting specific client demands Strategize / Mobilize Discovery & Analysis Design & Build ØP ops oa Applied To Secure",
                    "duplicate dete Data use pattern Minhash, LSH planning CTD, test scope partitioning detection Fine-grained Project simulation and risk assessment WBS and estimation * CRUD analysis qtr * * API candidate search Concept extraction, searchpatterns Test planning advisor Testing pattern advisor Mobile/web Coarse -grained practitioner support, Options text mining from catalog Transformation WBS and estimation <em>Data</em>"


The impact is that users think the query  MATCHED on either word from the compound word, i.e. that WDS (discovery query language) search does not honor quotes. . This is not the case, it does. However, when user sees highlights with single words highligted, it gives the impression that the system is not honoring quotes.


Project Daisey is a multi-year multi-million-collar Watson Delivery project in UK. This defect has big impact on the display of search results.

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  • May 7 2019
  • Needs review
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? Project Daisey in UK but also all other clients using WDS Query language for lond term searches
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