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Include entities within intents

Often a single concept is repeated in many different intents. If that concept were defined as an entity and that entity includable as part of an example of an intent, it would greatly simplify the definitions of intents.

For example, suppose the chatbot concerns EU GDPR. There will be many intents around the concept of personal data, such as:

  • Do you collect personal data?
  • How do you use personal data?
  • How can I change my personal data?
  • etc.

However, "personal data" might be written as "personal data", "personal information", "personal info", "my data", "pd", and many others, including misspellings and other variants. All of these variants should be included in examples of intents, making the creation of intents very tedious and error prone.

Thus, if "personal-data" were defined as in entity and then included within examples of intents:

  • Defining of intents could be vastly simplified
  • It could be much easier to train Watson to recognize all the intents using a given entity, rather than having to train each intent separately
  • You could avoid forgetting to include certain examples within intents
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  • May 9 2018
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    May 16, 2018 02:16

    Referencing an entity within an intent example is already possible.  See here: