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Allow commonly used Entities and Intents to be flagged for global use across multiple workspaces.

Similar to system entities, allow the creation of user defined 'global' Entities and Intents that can be deployed across multiple workspaces but only need to be maintained once in a global library. Examples being Intents/Entities for, yes/no options, product names, top 10 most commonly asked questions to a bot etc.

Changes to global Intents would have to trigger re-training of all workspaces that use that global Intent..

  • Wayne A
  • Apr 14 2018
  • Planned
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a Developer I want to re-use common Intents and Entities across multiple Workspaces so that my Agents are more consistent.
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  • Dieter Davis commented
    May 03, 2018 22:33

    Agreed, and would suggest one addition to it: CLONE or LINK options.  Link - you are linking to another active workspace, and you get their benefits as they continue to train their own modules, but all the entities/intents are read only.  However, CLONE would be you just want to take static, "model/examples" as then once you pull them in they are a copy and don't affect the master.

    Use case CLONE: someone creates sample models that new developers can pull in and then just modify.

    Use case: LINK: Org A owns a particular knowledgebase (HR), and another org wants to include their content and responses into their own Assistant.

  • Admin
    Mitch Mason commented
    07 Jan 20:55

    For clone we have a pretty easy import/export of intents and entities. For Link, this is sort of planned for later in the year where you can link multiple skills to a single assistant