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Override Workspace with import from JSON

Currently you can import a workspace from a JSON file which is nice as you don't need to setup the whole service and train it. But you can't upload to an existing workspace. I am looking for a way where you can override existing one so you don't have to change credentials in your app, and delete the old workspace. In this way you can reduce some manual steps.

As you have planned for this idea: i think there would be no problem with overriding because you can then revert back to older versions as well.

  • benny hoang
  • Apr 6 2018
  • Shipped
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  • Carlos Spaggiari commented
    April 26, 2018 12:46

    It would be great to override a workspace by importing a JSON. The Watson Assistant UI is great, but sometimes I'd like to code instead of connecting nodes. They really need to implement this feature.

  • Alexander Block commented
    May 02, 2018 02:51

    There is an API endpoint to update a workspace which I think does what you describe:

    Are you asking for a button on the tooling to support this functionality?

  • Jason Li commented
    July 30, 2018 00:18

    This is specifically requested by our client Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia.

    Currently, we can do this with an API call using a curl command from Terminal. The client wants a button on the workspace so that they can update an existing workspace with a new JSON file just by clicking it.

  • Mark W commented
    September 17, 2018 16:34

    Thanks for starting this thread.  It seems an upload button would be great to make the functionality accessible to more users (that are less technical).

  • Admin
    Mitch Mason commented
    07 Jan 20:50

    If you click the three dots just below the tryout panel there is now an option for import... which will overwrite the entire contents with a new file