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Slim UI and Better Layout

When you start to get serious adding entries into the Entities and Intents section of the Watson Assistant, I can't but help think that your UI is too fat. 


I can barely view 5 entries whilst the rest of the screen is occupied with irrelevant and space wasteful UI elements, with padding so extreme, my mouse pointer thinks taking public transport would be faster to traverse the screen. 


This leads to inconsiderate scrolling and and overlapping popups as you proceed to annotate the entity or intent entries. 


Which brings me to the god awful placement and functionality of the annotation popup. Firstly it taunts me with suggested entities names, but doesn't allow me to tab to complete or use the suggestion.  To add insult to injury it forces me to type the full entity name every single time. Also it adds another scrolling window of entries, which then conflicts with the other scrolling page elements leading to disaster.


An in-place window fixed to the top right of the entry window would be infiniately better than the floating popup disaster. 


Watson dialog is a pretty neat tool, but oh my god you really make it hard for people who don't have 8K monitors.


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  • Oct 31 2019
  • Needs review
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? Everyone who doesn't want to commit suicide using your UI.
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