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Add logs API for skill versions

I would like to be able to maintain context and history in my chat-application that is using the skill versioning in  Watson Assistant. My chat-app is working with the development-version of the Skill. But when I assign the Assistant any other version than the development version, it stops working. 


Here is my current solution that stops working when I change Skill-version:


Hi, I am upgrading our node.js-app that runs our Watson Assistant chatbot from API v1 to v2. The primary reason for this upgrade is to be able to use versioning of Skills for our customers. My solution logic is:

- I use v2 to send and get message for ASSISTANT_ID and SESSION_ID.

- Then I have to use v1 to get all old messages from a certain WORKSPACE_ID. Here i use the listlogs method. (Is necessary when changing tab and refreshing page to keep history and context in the chat.)

- ThenI filter on a specific SESSION_ID to get the correct old messages in listlogs.

Note: Everything in this logic is working fine when the the Development of my Skill is assigned to my Assistant. Until the stage when I assign my assistant a new version other than the developement version 


I sent this info as a ticket to IBM support and got the following answer:


"I have discussed with the development and confirm that the session id will be changed when you refresh the browser or change the tab. The reason for the difference between the development version and the other versions are the api's.. We need a logs api for versions or at the assistant level to achieve your request.. Please submit an enhancement request for this api change and development will look into it"


I Hope this was a clear description.




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  • Oct 29 2019
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