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Implement @sys-date and @sys-time format templates

Format templates could be useful to print date and time in the customers familiar format.

There is already the option to set a timezone in context.

"context": {
  "timezone": "Europe/Berlin"
Just define templates for every timezone. For example if the timezone is "Europe/Berlin" then return sys-date in format "dd.MM.yyyy". Yes it is possible to use reformatTimeDate, but what if the customer enters a dynamic amount of dates. You can't reformat @sys-date.values. Maybe adding the method reformatDateTime on @sys-date.values could be the solution.

If developers don't want the format based on the timezone, they could get the option to add a template in context like this:

"context": {
  "timezone": "Europe/Berlin",
  "sys-date-template": "dd.MM.yyyy",
  "sys-time-template: "hh:mm:ss"
@sys-date and @sys-time will then use the template defined in context.
This gives developers the option to add a format, that is used in the customers application.
  • Robert
  • Sep 6 2019
  • Needs review
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