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disable dialog node

One of the issues i have when i test things out is i often need to delete a dialog node to verify if something works. Deleting a dialog node with a lot of configurations such as conditional checks, detailed answer, jump to conditions etc is making it time consuming to revert back. (using save version is not an option as this makes room for more frequent saves and there limit for count of saved versions)

My suggestion is that it should be possible to just mark a dialog node and disable it. In this way you can still keep the dialog node while developing. When you have sorted everything out and don't need it anymore you can of course delete it. 

  • benny hoang
  • Aug 2 2019
  • Will not implement
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  • Jeremie Larin commented
    August 05, 2019 08:22

    You can actually just set the node to "False" as the main condition. 

  • benny hoang commented
    August 06, 2019 17:29

    @Jeremie Larin good point. but what if you already have another main condition? Then you need again to copy and paste it and temporary save it somewhere. I was looking for a way when you "disable" the node it turns grey or something in the UI so you see that this is not in dialog tree, but can easily enable it again. 

  • Admin
    Mitch Mason commented
    August 14, 2019 21:19

    you can do the original conditions && false, then just remove the false condition when youre ready