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Using Fuzzy matches for Intent detection

Fuzzy matching is good at picking up single or plural versions of the same word in our Entities. However, we noticed that if the user request has the exact match with the entity, the correct intent, which uses this entity, is identified with the high confidence. If the user request does not have the exact match with the entity, the entity is still identified with the high confidence by fuzzy matching, however, the correct intent is not identified at all.

Example : Intent name: “MedicationOrder_medicationclass

User example: “does the patient take @medicationclass?”

Entity @medicationclass has “anticoagulants” as an item in its plural form.

Scenario 1: User request: “Does the patient take anticoagulants?” The correct entity “anticoagulants” is identified with the confidence of 1.00 The correct intent “MedicationOrder_medicationclass” is identified with the confidence of 0.94

Scenario 2: User request: Does the patient take anticoagulant? Notice that the request uses the singular version of “anticoagulants” The correct entity “anticoagulants” is identified with the confidence of 0.92 through the use of Fuzzy Matching The correct intent “MedicationOrder_medicationclass is not identified or its confidence is below 0.4

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  • Jul 24 2019
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