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Add webhooks to Watson Assistant API

Add the possibility to define a webhook when some endpoint in API is called, for example when update de wokspace through API i need to know when the status is "training" or "available" ir order to take some another action, so every time the state changes receive a notification through the webhook.

  • Yeinel Rodriguez Murillo
  • Feb 21 2019
  • Shipped
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  • Stephen Broadhurst commented
    30 Apr 10:41

    I'd very much like this, having to poll the workspace till it's finished training in the pipeline is frustrating.  Large workspaces can take a substantial amount of time to train.

  • Admin
    Mitch Mason commented
    20 Jun 13:47

    we have added webhooks to beta, but this is for pinging the webapp when a specific dialog node is hit to make a callout at runtime, not training.
    can you explain why you are continually pinging when training? you can add more training and they will just wait in line to happen

  • Yeinel Rodriguez commented
    20 Jun 13:58

    I am automating the process of k-fold cross validation, therefore when I do 80% of the data deployment I have to wait for the training to be completed to send 20% of the data, and if I have to do 10 iterations on a same workspace takes a long time.

  • Stephen Broadhurst commented
    20 Jun 15:07

    Hello Mitch - it's very much for automated testing, or DevOps procedures.  Consider this scenario.

    You have a large and complex workspace, you're maintaining it under source control along side the matching code. Every time a change to the workspace is checked in, or a change to the code, is made you wish to have your devops pipeline run, terraform, deploy the latest workspace, deploy the latest code, build and test that code and training work beautifully together.  Then you want to cut across your environment from version -1 to version 0 when it's declared stable all automatically.

    Workspaces can take a variable amount of time to train and this goes up as the workspace grows.  At the moment after deploying the workspace, the devops pipeline needs to continue to poll the status of the workspace for when it goes from "Training" to whatever available is

    When I saw the idea for a webhook back into the DevOps pipeline I thought that was  a great idea.  Instead of polling, Watson just calls back when it goes available, the next depedent step of the pipeline can run