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JSON editor for Slot Prompts

Currently, for almost all the text responses in IBM Watson Assistant, there is a JSON editor. This JSON editor can be used for defining multiple characteristics like options, context variables etc. BUt, there is no JSON editor for 'Slot prompts'. Because of this, the slot prompt responses are only textual in nature.

Let me take the example where JSON editor is used to define multiple choice options using the tag 'options' in JSON editor. Also, let us define a context variable '$DisableUserInput = True' which will disable user input. If the slot prompt as well has this capability, we can give the end user options to choose from along with the prompt. This will ensure that the conversation has a defined direction.

For example when user asks ‘ I want a medium size pizza’.

Now, an IBM Watson enabled Chatbot has the capability to ask a prompt question ‘Could you please let me know the toppings you want with this pizza?’.

My idea would enable the Chatbot to ask this question along with the list of toppings to choose from. If the user has already mentioned the toppings in the first input message itself, then this prompt question is not asked. We are basically guiding the user enter the correct values.

And again, this is not the only advantage of this idea. We have other possibilities as well, like using the Context variable to define certain behavior or do some actions at code level.

This technical feature of having JSON Editor for Slot prompts would open up many other functional possibilities.

  • Venkatesh Nandula
  • Feb 5 2019
  • Shipped
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