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Add a visualization to the "Try it out" expereince that shows the intent confidence threshould

Google Dialog Flow has a functionality for its developers that WA does not have: the json of the response is easily inspected in the tooling as "diagnostic info". Our premier customer sent me this email to complain:


> Hey Anna,


> We talked about this briefly before, but now that we are heavily into the testing cycle I would like

> to formally suggest adding the intent score into the UI for Watson Assistant.  Since it is not there

> you have to use the dev tools to see it.  It is an extra step to remember to open the dev tools and

> they take up a lot of the UI real estate which makes it harder to triage an issue.  It would make > life much simpler if the intent score was in the UI along with the intent name.  


We'd like to have a similar inspection method for the json object, especially focusing on the confidence score of the top intent

  • Oct 24 2018
  • Shipped
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    24 Oct, 2018 09:03pm

    Very useful idea for customer.

  • ANNA CHANEY commented
    24 Oct, 2018 09:00pm

    sorry, i didn't mean to say "threshold" in the title, just "intent confidence"

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