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Ability to configure one entity as a synonym for another entity

This will enable configuring WA entities with less effort. There are scenarios where one entity and all its synonyms can be applied to another entity with additional synonyms (Mostly in a hierarchical entity model). As of now we have to manually configure all the synonyms from one into another

  • Jun 18 2018
  • Future Consideration
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  • Admin
    Mitch Mason commented
    07 Jan 21:42

    Can you give some examples where this is useful?

  • Chris Ratcliffe commented
    26 Mar 19:00

    I can't speak for the OP, but if this request is what I think it is, here is how I would use hierarchical entities. 

    Entity: classic_computers

    • Value: apple  synonyms: apple 2e, apple 2gs, apple 2c
    • Value: amiga
    • Value: IBM  synomys: PC XT, PC AT

    Entity: modern_computers

    • Value: hp
    • Value: dell
    • value: lenovo
    • value: macbook

    Entity: all_computers

    • Value: Entity:classic_computers
    • Value: Entity:modern_computers


    An utterance like lenovo would trigger both the modern_computers and all_computers entity, and the literal would be lenovo in both situations.  Possibly, the entity could have a new attribute like nested or something that could be true if the literal that triggered the entity was from a hierarchical reference, but that would not be critical.